Team Tuesday

Darokin, preparing for its defense and the unworthy who I met there

from the register of Lucian Sepulveda

This will be in brevity for it has been so long since I've allowed my thoughts to dwell on those dark days in Darokin.

What comes to mind first is the woman the Pretender disguised himself as in Threshold, Natalia. She was of a certain charm as I understand that certain charm to be, and it was obvious the hawkeye Rair was taken with her. She was confident and poised, but much like the Pretender, false. Her certainity that the first death was a result of love is as silly as it is naive. But I suppose that is how those in their first life think. Sometimes I wish I hadn't felt so aloof in the spryer days of my second life.

What follows Natalia, in my memories of the miserable, was the halfling vampire Quicksilver, who ensnared the mind of that weak willed Wilhelm. Were it not at the insistence of the halfling Chavelle I would have gladly done all to bring that atrocity to its knees so I could liberate its head from its breast.

But those two, like all others, had their part to play and though Ainu's hands on this earth, I am not his heart or mind and must follow through with his machinations. 

What comes to mind more readily is the companion I had in those days, the young Rhoode Pall, who had taken up death's vocation. Though he was a creature of curiosity and joy it touched me that he took his studies with a seriousness and dedication. On the first day of preparing for the seige I taught him the most practical of the magics Ainu blesses his followers with, the spell of digging. Together we used our magics to lay out a series of trenches around this town in order to better defend it. Rair, though weak towards the feminine charms, did a great deal with his magics to also ward off the evil that encrouched.

This registry is growing ever more taxing and I confess it may be some time until I am able to describe the despair of Darokin.  



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