Team Tuesday

Heard within the Temple of Demera in Darokin, whispered by a giant of a man at the east wall

“I have wasted my life on many things, even when I have tried to live it as a man should. My family, my lands are far from here, All Father, yet I am ready as any to stand and fight and die, should my Skein by written as such. These people, these Southerners, these few that stand beside me, as strange as they are and sometimes, so frustratingly…different, are what I have now and the people we protect. They are what is valuable, even if I cannot seem to keep them all alive. My langniĆ°iar, my bloodline of kings and farmers are so far and mean so little now I will be buried as a pauper, as all I have now is my hands and my sword.

But I make no excuses nor will I beg any god or any man, Old Gallows God. I will stand as proud in these next days and brave, I promise you, as even so Tyr would be. All I ask, in those moments, now and to the end, is that I live and I fight well.

I come soon to the table, Olon and I will be thirsty.”



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