Team Tuesday

of death and devotion; a diversion

from the register of Lucian Sepulveda

I have on the general brought my recollections of Darokin to order, but still do not feel as though my faculties are of diligent enough measure to express them justly.

In recalling those days I was reminded of my masquerade as the Az Neul Fni. That escapade will be chronicled upon these pages soon, but what it meant to me then is the subject upon which I am to reflect, for it was following that faux-visage that I came to love and revere my lord Ainu in a wholly new light. 

In her service to Palthos my companion Perditia was also known as the Az Nuel Fni, the first Vector. Though I have never come into contact with any of the others I am aware of their existence and the great plagues they have wrought and the epidemics they have conquered. Wearing the hydra's scales I became aware, for the first time, that there are no other Harvesters. I am alone in this duty.

Respected by the clerics of death's many congregations, yes, but always alone. Where my brothers must shave their heads as part of their indoctrination I am allowed to let mine grow however long I wish. The scythe I carry is as much a weapon as it is my symbol of office. Aside from my former companion I have never met another of my clergy who openly laughs and smiles. The mortal realm offers so many joyous things. Not even lord Ainu is as dour as old Xanatos! 

I've lived now what in my first life I would have considered the fullest extent of mortal breath. I have knocked on many a door to collect the soul's lord Ainu wishes. Though I know they will go on to the highest honors, as gardeners, stable men, and brewers, I am always saddened by the lack of understanding those left behind express. It is why I do not join the clergy. 

"Brother Lucian," Brother Isthmus of Ibion said to me, "you have grown gray at the temples. Does it not strike you as the time to settle and serve Ainu in the most proper sense?" No, I said. As much as I am fueled by my convictions, my dedication absolute, I think it would tear at my heart to watch entire generations come and pass. Rare is it as a Harvester that I know at all the souls I collect. Yes, some, of course, like dear Buliwfy and blessed Pall, but those are the great exceptions for I knew of the tremendous laurels the greatest of the gods had awaiting them.  

No, I could never settle down. Veloria would never let me. We've spanned to much of this world's history together now to stop our travels. The hand of death is universal, even in these peaceful times. 



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