Team Tuesday

tithings and delays

from the register of Lucian Sepulveda

On account of Isebe being the recipient of Palthos' latest pandemic I have found my employment in great need. This should suffice as to why I have been tardy in my recitations. 

With this free moment I would like to note the grand morning my companions and I began our flanking of The Pretender and his forces. Truly the day that Veknavarius must have realized great powers were conspiring against him and that his victory was far from certain. Powers greater than giants of bone armed with boulders and morning stars. Greater than his hordes of the pathetic and decaying. 

Pelor was late in the heavens as the wizard, Buliwyf, and I looked out over the Prince's armies. We had endured a great deal that day. Blows that would have sent lesser men to my lord Ainu were dealt onto us, but for naught, for as we gazed down on those wretched marchers I could feel Ainu blessing me with even more of his divine grace. I felt his powers re-invigerating the body he had granted me to use upon these mortal planes. In epiphany new prayers were made manifest and convictions, never in doubt, redoubled! 

I let out a laugh that afternoon and took rest.



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