Team Tuesday


from the journal of Terrel Snick, City Guard

The Heroes of Isebe then left Darokin to implement a plan they had devised with his goodness, Lord Albertus. The most secretive of the hereos, the young wizard, rode off first, on that ghostly steed of his. The chill I felt as it gathered from the mist was eerie and when he had escaped eyesight I was much relieved. He was soon followed by that curious Ainu boy, with his Rhoode companion, and the man from the North, Buliwyf and that little halfling girl. One of Albertus' friends, Rair, had already taken flight to implement his part of the plot, though it, like the activities of the Heroes of Isebe, was a closely guarded secret.

Perhaps an hour had passed before Rair returnedf, anxiously seeking out his dwarven companion. I witnessed little change on the battle field at first. The Prince's army kept at its steady, silent pace, only pausing for a few moments as though distracted, before continuing on. I hoped that was not the end of Rair's contribution! I took that chance to ready my first bolt, knowing well it would be of little use against most of the horde. 

Here I then noticed that Rair and the dwarf had dragged seats up to a fine vantage point and had begun drinking. I did not know the meaning of this, but my hand trembled and I returned my attentions to the advancing horde.

More tense minutes passed and I wondered if the men who had gone out had been halted. I could count the goose pimples on my arms and neck for time had seemed to stop. 

Then everything went white and deaf. Like a mushroom of fire the entirety of the horde was consumed, digested by the radiant rays of Pelor's might! Time was still frozen it seemed, though I no longer felt the goose pimples or sweat upon my brow. 

Next thing I can recall, and it is most dim and hazy and largely my recollections now are what I was told and over heard, I was helped up by a town boy and his mother. Others all over the city were helping up those of us who had been up in the rooks and dotting the wall. I could hear nothing and see little more.



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