Lucian Sepulveda

Harvester of Ainu with an affinity for life.



Notable skills:

Diplomacy, Climb, Heal, Perform Eulogy, Knowledge Religion, Knowledge History, Profession Soldier, Ride, Sense Motive, Intimidate


Lucian was born in remote lands of Peradur in the north east. There he served as a commander of the second born, leading his forces against the oegres of Isebe, a city state far to the south that had called out for help. To command a score of undead was as high an honor as a Sepulveda, in their lowly house, could recieve. While dispatching a stray band of gnolls Lucian was sundered from his mount, Veloria, and slain. His body was lost and eventually forgotten. His god, Palthos, would never recieve his soul, nor would he be brought back as a second born. 

In the moments that followed Lucian found himself before a small cottage in a land he'd never seen before. Behind him stretched a meticulously tended and arranged orchard. A man came out from the orchard and without speaking handed Lucian a basket. From then on Lucian found himself in the service of the god Ainu.  First as an apple picker, then when the orchards where gone, a gardener. 

Things changed again when Lucian was confronted by two visitors, both claiming to be his companions from the mortal realm. Of the two one was a woman, tall and grey haired, clad in the familiar colors of old Palthos. Her words confused him. Friends? The shorter of the two was more perplexing. Were he not so large and of Ainu's clergy Lucian would have taken him for a simple pond dweller. As excited as the woman, Perditia she had called herself, seemed, the rhoode, as he would later come to know, seemed beyond ectastic at this reunion. 

Now Lucian Sepulveda has found himself resurrected by his master, god Ainu, to be his Harvester on Earth, collecting not only the dead and those whose time have come, but also consoling those who survive the tribulations of these troubled times. 

Lucian Sepulveda

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