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  • Bywinter Clan

    The [[Bywinter Clan]] was formed by the expedition leader [[Marbledale Pointhollow]], in defense of his decision to leave [[Irongate Forest]] along with a dozen other [[Forest Gnomes|forest gnomes]]. Apocryphally, the name stems from the phrase …

  • Stillwater Clan

    The [[Stillwater Clan]] is a [[TenWinter]] clan of [[Hill Gnomes]]. Based on currently extant records, the [[Stillwater FirstFather]] may have been the father of [[Macliff Stillwater]].

  • Oddgrove Clan

    The [[Oddgrove Clan]] is one of the thinest of the [[ThinClans]] with a [[BirthNumber]] still in the double-digits after ten-thousand years. To compensate for the lack of [[Gnomes]] within the [[Oddgrove Clan|Clan]], the [[FirstFather]] of the [[ …