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    [[Darokin]] = Where everyone fought [[Pyre]] (and [[Tanacab]]). [[Threshold]] is where you are right now. It used to be called [[Tinyhold]] amusingly enough.


    I'm going to start trying to piece together a [[Team Tuesday Timeline …

  • Team Tuesday Timeline

    Working my way Backwards might be easiest.

    Dungeon's and Diplomacy!

    The team arrives in [[Isebe]] in order to find out about their temporal situation and to figure out why [[the Prince]] is engaging in open war. [[:Wilhelm]] …

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    There is apparently going to be another "Anyone who can make it game" on Saturday 04/05/2008. That is, if this jives with the denizens of the Leaning House. [[Chevelle]] is going to be playing!

  • Content Bribery

    h3. Content Bribery h3. The Premise Our budding little wiki needs help. Player memories are a great source of story information, and now, instead of just scribbling them on notes in your [[Character Folder]], we can store each little clue, name, …