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  • Meron

    Ill-tempered god of the sea in the South. Gave [[Team Tuesday]] magical necklaces, which then had to be returned to the sea after our adventure in the sunken ship.

  • Ainu

    God of Death.

    Black is the typical color associated with the deity. Favored weapon is the scythe. The clerics of Ainu are a somber lot, their clean shaven heads bowed in a permanent respect for the dead as though their lives are an eternal …

  • Adalantle

    p>. *This page details a [[Deities of the South|Deity of the South]] for correspondencies[1] and speculation[2] follow the heart-shaped feet.* _The following is from [[The Palmsized Palimpsest]] by [[Airandara Yiris]], [[High Priestess of Adalantle]]._ …

  • Vector

    Now Palthos had made a double-edged sword about two cubits long, which the Vector then strapped to the right thigh under clothing. The Vector was sent to presented the tribute to Arius, who was a very fat man. After the Vector had presented the …

  • Liefar

    *Type*: polytheism, [[Southern Pantheon]]
    *Direction*: inwards
    *Focus*: spreading knowledge and information *Deity*: Leifar
    *Titles*: [[The Lightbringer]]
    *Divine Interaction*: occurs only through his current [[Brother …

  • Proheme

    _Page will be complete yesterday_ *Type*: pantheistic, with paternal overtones *Direction*: inwards
    *Focus*: connection with oversoul/universe
    *Deity*: [[Proheme]]
    *Titles*: [[The Glassturner]], [[Moradin's Anvil]], [[The Lord …

  • Minor Librarian

    A [[Minor Librarian]] is one of several official titles within the ecclesiastical structure of the [[Church of Leifar]]. It is the highest position a mortal with short (re: less than 1,000 years) lifespan can obtain, and typically takes around half a …