Content Bribery

Content Bribery

The Premise

Our budding little wiki needs help. Player memories are a great source of story information, and now, instead of just scribbling them on notes in your Character Folder, we can store each little clue, name, place, memory here. Don’t even worry about it being pretty, I can take care of that.

The Rules

These, naturally, will need to be fleshed out as we go, but for now a good way to get a quick bit of XP after every game is to post your thoughts about the previous session in the Adventure Log. Since we have comments there, I can award XP on the fly. It’s a subjective award, so detail is nice. Also, keeping them as IC (In Character) as possible would also be pretty rad.

I’m hoping that these will serve to flesh out our little Previously On Team Tuesday blurbs.

Eventually, I’m hoping to also award a little XP based on authoring Wiki Pages/Adding Images/Pretty-fying/etc. But we’ll see how that goes.

Get Crackin’

Content Bribery

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