Dicatation by Pandius, under the kind and gentle auspices of His Emminence, Librarian, Lorekeeper, and Lightbringer of Leifar: Brother Vespers

For inclusion in Folio IV: The Speaking Races

Contributors: The Eleeti Mioces

Brother Vespers speaks with the Eleeti Mioces about the Eleeti people.

Mioces, I’ve known of you for ages, why do you finally decide to grace Our Temple now?

We seek to illuminate the illuminated. Plus we wish to extend tidings on the occasion of your marriage.

How droll. Speak Mioces. Speak about the great Eleeti people.

The numbers are small.

The smallest ant can bite the largest giant

We do not seek to interfere with the painfully short-term goals of the Breathing Races.

But they often seek to throw themselves into the spokes of your plans?

We are often misjudged, misunderstood, and hence misanthropic.

You cannot blame the short-sightedness of the Mortals for your people’s reputation, some of the most nefarious and evil warlords of the past have come from your ranks.

We choose our children carefully.

And your ability to reproduce is what won you inclusion in this minor work of mine.

We are not as fecund as the Breathing Races.

Ah, but who is?

We are also not as fragile.

Do I detect a bit of a boastful tone in your hollow voice Mioces?

There are few Gods that acknowledge our people in a favorable fashion.

I know of seven.

Frenzied fanatics are the primary cause of Stillness with our people.

Ah, Stillness, our church has a similar euphemism for The Taker’s work. We remember where he keeps his books.

We remember the Silaur.

They will not be included in this text. Mortals would do well to forget them.

We have walked with Gods.


We have a patience unheard of by the Breathers.

And Mioces you’re trying mine.

In this patience we find our strength.

Should the Breathing Races, as you call mortals, be worried about the subtle and hidden Eleeti threat?

We carve our niche.

Biding your time? Waiting to inherit what you lost?

We are the river that nibbles mountains to pebbles.

I’m sorry that your spouse couldn’t make it. I know that your spouse is at least a little bit more verbose.

We meet only rarely.

Must be nice. My wife never leaves me alone.

Our partnerships can be short and span only a few millennia, or can last until Stillness.

These are not the kind of wedding tidings I was expecting.

But you already knew that.

How did you know what I was going to say?

We remember the prior conversation we had with Brother Vespers.


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