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Brother Vespers' Take on Team Tuesday

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Team Tuesday currently consists of four players:

Buliwyf, a stout warrior from the frozen North, rumored to have giant blood.

Lucian Sepulveda, a fallen soldier, reborn in the services of Ainu as a Paladin.

Perditia, a Vector of Palthos, God of Disease.

Wilhelm Arkis, a wizard with a penchant for the macabre.

Az Neul Fni has fallen! The South is doomed!

Ominous tidings are afoot as heavy rains blanket the ancient city of Isebe. With the interim government installed by our heroes in a state of disarray, and an unlikely ally found in the Chamber of Stars, getting to the bottom of the machinations of men and saving churches from themselves become top priorities. Hopefully our brave band of adventurers will have the time to celebrate the annual Quick Cabbage Festival, that is if the rains don’t spoil the crop.
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