Type: henotheism (slightly patriarchal)
Direction: outwards
Focus: advancing science/knowledge, navigation

Deity: Pasperus, God of the Southern Stars
Titles: The High One, The Binding One

Divine Interaction: only through prayer in desperate times

Involves: sailors, scientists and cartographers
Afterlife: reserved for only a small number of the devout, made into a star
Supernatural: arcane magic is disdained and considered effete. Cosmic events always presage worldly ones

Worship: solemn individual public sacrifices
Holidays: often
Holidays Celebrate: great priests, great rulers, cosmic events
Major Holiday(s): are more celebration than prayer

Clergy: both genders
Function: arbiters of holiness, oracles, private detectives
Lifestyle: luxurious
Family: normal size
Chosen: via divine revelation or vocation
Distinguished By: special jewelry

Cultural Aspects

Symbol: a knot, asterisms
Holy Color: black and silver

Passed Down: via one holy star chart The Megatlas with some commentary
Creation Myth Type: dismemberment
Mortals’ Origin: divine flesh
Major Myth/Symbolism: the stars, constellations, movement of heavenly bodies

Deadly Sins: indifference, lust and selfishness
High Virtues: loyalty and responsibility

Associated Artform: maps and navigational aids

Coming of Age: 19 years old
Coming of Age Rite: takes place in a public ceremony

Marriage: is done to gain status
Marriage Rites: are somewhat informal

Death Rites: involve cremation and dispersal from a high elevation at night

Major Taboo: treating guests poorly

Prevalence: believed by many
Outsiders: are encouraged to convert


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