Peradur People

Rarely do Humans show such triumph over the face of adversity, and rarer still do they have the history to show for it.

- Brother Vespers

The People of the land of Peradur are a hardy race of men who inhabit one of the most inhospitable regions in the Near North. They tend to be taller than average, with sullen complexions and dark hair and eyes. Centuries of clandestine interbreeding with the Merand (The Elders condemn any attempt to sire children with the sub-human Merand as both forbidden and futile) have done little to contribute to diversity within their physical appearance, and foreigners often have a difficult time telling two Peradur apart.

Origins and Pre-History

Most likely descended from Svandi explorers who traveled inland via the Mournsea, climate has shaped the Peradur from the very beginning. Known for their meticulous record-keeping and fastidious genealogy, a wealth of information is available concerning the history of the Peradur.

Early History

Carpal-scribed copies of the earliest records of the Peradur were imported at great expense to the Isebian Library by Peradur House Malverus. They reveal that initially, the Peradur consisted of eighteen-family units (not unlike Clans) who cooperated dourly to eke out an existence from the numerous bogs and fens that dot the northern coast of the Mournesea. The first harsh winter reduced the number of families by half, and the numbers would have continued to dwindle had it not been for the intervention of the Merand.

The Peradur were quick to repay the kindness of the native Merand by practically enslaving them (The Elders state that this was inevitable, and that the Merand are better for it under the protection of Peradur magics).

Although The Peradur Calendar would not begin for another three-thousand years, records indicate that one Varlevarus, on an expedition into the frozen fens (Peradur name withheld at the request of The Elders) revealed ancient enruned ruins deep within said Nameless Bog. Using innate magics, Varlevarus was able to comprehend some of the texts, the first nine Column Chapter of which would later form the names of the Noble Houses of Peradur.

As history would be quick to reveal, the formation of these Noble Houses would have a far reaching impact that was not constrained to Peradur or even the Near North.

The Council of The Elders

After deciphering further fragments of the ancient texts, the Peradur (never a religious people) began to ascribe an almost sacred meaning to the ancient tales contained. When the last Column Chapter was finally translated in 0PC and called for the immediate sacrifice of the eldest patriarchs from each of the Noble Houses, the Peradur were quick to comply.

Peradur People

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