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Type: pantheistic, with paternal overtones

Direction: inwards
Focus: connection with oversoul/universe
Deity: Proheme
Titles: The Glassturner, Moradin’s Anvil, The Lord of Changes, Father Yesterday, Mother Molter

Divine Interaction: seldom, if ever, occurs
Involves: Oracles, Prophets, Glassblowers, Conservatives and Naysayers

Afterlife: A soul shepherded to Proheme’s plane Arbrome by Ainu may or may not become a grain of sand.
Supernatural: Time Elementals, The Rioprell

Worship: solemn and private at meticulous intervals
Holidays: Quarter Annually, coinciding with The Seasons
Holiday’s Celebrate: the passage of time, historical events, past revelations come to fruition, and new prophesies
Major Holidays: occasionally include exchanges of gifts in the form of advice or parables

Clergy: predominantly male
Function: Oracles, Soothsayers, Artisans and Storytellers
Lifestyle: Moderately comfortable, bordering on spartan
Family: actively discouraged
Chosen: via divination magics.
Distinguished By: an aura of timelessness

Cultural Aspects

Symbol: An Hourglass, Sundial, Half Empty/Full Glass Decanter
Holy Colors: azure and silver
Passed Down: via clerical oratory
Creation Myth: A byproduct of acknowledgment of the passage of time
Mortals’ Origin: Inconsequential
Major Myth/Symbolism: to be completed yesterday

Deadly Sin: Failure to learn from mistakes
High Virtues: Patience and Precognition

Associated Artform: Glassworking

Coming of Age: 200 Seasons, males only
Coming of Age Rite: The Long Sleep
Marriage: actively discouraged, unless ordained by prophesy
Marriage Rites: private, solemn and short, repeating daily
Death Rites: largely uneccessary

Major Taboo: alcohol

Prevalence: acknowledged by many, actively worshiped by very few.
Outsiders: are aided or hindered as prophecy dictates


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