The South

The South is currently where most of the gaming activity is taking place.

For ease of reference among the Speaking Races, Thenene has been divided into five distinct regions. The South naturally being the Southern-most region.

Unlike most of the civilized portions of The Continent, this region is not divided into countries, only rough territorial boundaries, the origins of which have been long forgotten. They exist only as a curiosity, and are rarely acknowledged or respected by the current inhabitants of The South

Utum: This area comprises the most Northwestern portion of The South, and is home to the cities of Isebe, Steadfast and the edge of the encroaching sands of The Great Desert.

Asateos: This area comprises the region of present day Partha and Irongate Forest.

Gancelbeor: Includes Drakespur, the Drakespur Mountain Range, Pelors Peak and Clan Proudhammer’s southernmost Clan-Hold.

Cypritror: The Swamp, Threshold and immediately surrounding environs.

Cadagarna: The eastern seaboard, encompasses north to Darokin and as far south as Ibion, also includes the tiny village of Freeport.

Tharn: Ebisonia and the southern most tip of Thenene, also incorporates the various islands and archipelagos.

Welalau: Southwestern, the marshy lands of Rhonia.

The South

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