Scion of one of the Noble Houses of Peradur. After the disappearance of the Red Dragon who had claimed the land, Veknavarius’s House annexed the area that is now known as the city of Isebe after the great Isebian War as reparations for their part in the conflict. Although unaccustomed to the warmer climes of The South, House Malverus quickly established a secret sea route to their new southern colony.

Although forbidden to rule in their native land, House Malverus quickly established a blossoming hereditary monarchy within the walls of Isebe.

Veknavarius VII was born and christened Eraedra Daucull at birth by The Elders. Fleeing an omen, his parents had him spirited away from The North and installed their infant son safely within the confines of Isebe.

Notable Events

Coronation records indicate that we has crowned in the year 2066PC, ushering in an end to the Thousand Year Reign. Almost immediately upon ascending the the throne, legislation was passed outlawing the presence of non-humans within the city walls.

In the meantime House Malverus had fallen out of favor with The Elders and was eyeing their southern province as a potential springboard for a southern invasion. These plans where cut short when The Elders unanimously condemned House Malverus’s representative to Stillness. The sole-survivor of the ensuing massacre of House Malverus was Veknavarius VII, safely in The South.



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