Team Tuesday

of a new companion and displacing beasts

from the register of Lucian Sepulveda

The flash that tore apart the prince and his horde, for a moment, seemed to even outshine all but the brightest of Pelor's rays. The successive shock wave rendered all but the last breath from my amphibious companion and the wiley wizard who help concoct this massive devistation.

But for all things there is an equal and opposite reaction and on this one occaision I was left most troubled. Recalling it is one thing, but to touch upon it properly I will need to consult the battered scrolls and tombs of theology I most often leave gathering dust upon the shelfs of the various abodes I have left strewn across the south.

No, instead I will recount my first proper outing with the curious small one, Chevelle. 



don’t underestimate that chevelle, she will save your life.


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