Liberated rhoode who has become the Harvester's companion.


Rogue 1/ Cleric 1

 Notable Skills:

Craft, Move Silently  


After being presented to the Harvester, Lucian Sepulveda, the young rhoode found himself, for the first time ever, free. His new master had choosen not be his master at all. Not knowing what else to do the rhoode followed the Harvester and soon found himself being treated as an appreciated companion and participating in the midnight masses Lucian was holding aboard the northman's ship, Herot. While trying to free the Herot from the Kelp Sea Lucian, as a sign of friendship, lent Pall his holy symbol. 

Seeing how possessive Pall had become of the token, Lucian had Pall visit the Temple of Ainu in the port town of Ibion. There Pall was presented with his first set of black robes. Though they were poorly tailored, merely a cut down set of robes from the orders shortest member, Pall adored them and his vivacity brought smiles to many of the other wise dour faces that constitue Ainu's clergy.

Following his fearless participation in the battle against the red dragon Pyre Pall was officially indoctrinated into the Church of Ainu. 


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